Universal Zipline Technology

Universal Zipline Technology has over 20 years experience in unique course designs and course installation coupled with years of experience owning, managing and operating zipline course programs.

UZT, LLC design and installs each course to meet IPZA (International Professional Zipline Association) standards, our courses are designed to exceed ACCT and PRCA standards as these two associations were formed to regulate ropes courses.

UZT builds all of our canopy platforms with the life of the tree in mind. One of our priorities is to protect the forests that we are trying to enjoy so that they will be here for generations to come. UZT has each of our canopy platforms and zip lines engineered by a professional and wet stamped to ensure the safest platforms and zip line course possible.

For over ten years, UZT owner Robert Nickell has built a solid reputation as one of the zip line industry's top leaders. Mr. Nickell and the staff at Universal Zipline Technology, LLC are committed to providing quality service. They believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the key to success. Universal Zipline Technology, LLC sets itself apart by being the first company that builds zip line courses and canopy tours exclusively. Many businesses in the industry specialze in ropes courses and have tried to branch out in to the zip line course and canopy tour business. By specializing in the zip line course and canopy tour industry only, UZT, LLC has a 100% safety record on every course installed.








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