Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a zipline?

A zipline is a steel cable strung from tree to tree which utilizes gravity to propel riders high above the ground on an exciting eco adventure tour. Ziplines are not a new technology and have been around for over a hundred years. Ziplines have been used around the world to access remote areas such as the rainforest or the Australian outback. Zipline tours are becoming one of the fastest growing adventure tourism activities due to the wide range of age groups that can participate and the excitement that zipping through the trees offers. Experience Eco Zipline Tours and you will understand why flying through the forest on a zipline is unlike anything you have ever done before and will not soon be forgotten.

3. What do I need to bring to Eco Zipline Tours?

Please bring your payment and signed waiver to expedite the check-in process. Credit cards are just holding your spot and we require that each customer brings their payment in person. Waivers can be signed in person as well. We also recommend you bring a small camera with a strap, which we can secure, so you can capture photos of your zipline adventure!

4. How long do the tours take?

The Easy Rider tour takes approximately half an hour to complete. The Super Six takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. The High Flyer tour takes approximately an hour and 30 minutes to complete. These tour times are based on a 10 person tour and may change based on number of participants. These tour times do not include “gear up” time. You’re asked to arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled tour time to check in and gear up as we try to leave prompty on the hour.

5. What are the physical requirements to zipline?

All participants must be under 250lbs and have less than a 42inch waist. All participants must be able to understand and follow the guides’ instructions at all times. We have taken many groups who have had various limitations and we ask that you call us directly to discuss any concerns.

6. How much walking is involved?

All 3 of our tours start and end within approximately 200ft of our office and parking lot. The course is essentially a big circle so you end where you begin. On the Easy Rider tour, there is no walking between platforms. On the Super Six, there is very minimal walking between platforms. On the High Flyer there is some walking between platforms. Though the trails are not long, some are at an incline. Please call for more details if you have any concerns regarding this.

7. Do you have to climb up a lot of stairs?

We use the natural contours of the land and most of our ziplines start and end on the ground. We do not have any large towers on our course. There are approximately 12 stairs total on the Easy Rider, 18 stairs total on the Super Six and approximately 30 stairs total on the High Flyer.

8. What do I need to wear to zipline?

We require closed toe tennis shoes or boots. It is important to wear sturdy shoes! Other than that, you may wear whatever you’re comfortable in. We suggest dressing for the weather. In the summer, we suggest nice cool colors, shorts and tank tops. We do not recommend short shorts as the harness sits on mid thighs and this may be uncomfortable on bare skin. In the fall, we suggest long pants and a jacket. In the winter, we suggest wearing warm jackets, pants, knit hats and thin gloves. You will be provided with a harness, gloves and a helmet. Please ask if you have any concerns about what to wear.

9. Can pregnant women zipline?

Unfortunately, pregnant women are not allowed to zipline for their own safety.

10. Can I stop after one line if I decide I don’t like it?

If you decide that ziplining is not for you, you can walk down the stairs after our first zipline. One of our guides will walk you back to the office so you can take off your equipment and wait for the rest of your group to finish the tour.

11. Can I bring a camera on tour?

Yes. We recommend one with a strap that can be worn around your wrist or neck. We do not recommend taking phones on tour, unless they can be secured in a zippered pocket. We do offer GoPro camera rentals to film your ziplining adventure. Please contact us prior to the day of the tour to reserve a GoPro. GoPro camera rental is $50 and MicroSD card is $15

12. Will we encounter wildlife on tour?

We have seen many animals while on tour but cannot guarantee seeing wildlife. Eco Zipline Tours is a sanctuary and many deer inhabit the area.

13. Is it possible to watch and take pictures without going on tour?

Those who do not want to participate can watch and take pictures of participants on the first and last lines of all 3 tours. However, it’s impossible to walk along the entire course with our tours because of the terrain and ravines covered. For your safety we ask that you stay within our designated photo zones.

14. Some of my group wants to do The Easy Rider or The Super Six and some of my group wants to do The High Flyer. Can we all go together?

Absolutely, as this is a very popular option. The Easy Rider tour and most of the Super Six tour is encompassed in The High Flyer tour. Both groups will do the first few lines together and then split up after either 3 lines (Easy Rider) or 4 lines (Super Six). Please let us know when booking your tour that your group will be doing different courses. You can simply put this in the “Comments” section of the form.

15. Can children under the age of 18 go on the tour by themselves?

For safety and legal reasons, all minors must be accompanied by an adult. For every 4 minors, we ask that one adult be present on the tour. Adults 18 and over may go on our tour by themselves.

16. Can we do private tours?

Yes. We offer private tours for groups of 2 to 10 or more. Please email us at or call 314-456-1444 for more information about private parties. Private tours are available 7 days a week, subject to availability. Private tour pricing is:

$500 for 2 riders and includes 2 Eco Zipline shirts and GoPro rental.

$600 for 4 riders and includes GoPro rental. (subject to availability)

Private tour pricing is $750 for 10 riders (does not include GoPro).

17. Do you offer anything special for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts?

We are always happy to have scouts visit us at Eco Zipline Tours! We offer a special Scout Zipline patch which you may receive just by mentioning this special scout offer while visiting for your tour.

18. How can I buy gift certificates for someone special?

Please contact us via email at or call 314-456-1444 and let us know how we can design an unforgettable zipline package. You can send check or call with credit card information to pay for gift certificates, shirts, or picture CDs. We can process a credit card over the phone and mail you your purchase.

19. Do you donate zipline tours for fundraising events?

Yes. We are happy to help our community and donate zipline tours but due to the overwhelming number of requests, we ask that all donation requests be sent in writing to Eco Zipline Tours 487 S Hwy 19 New Florence, MO 63363

20. What if I’m going to be late for my zipline tour?

We require you to arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled tour time. We use those 20 minutes to check you in, gear you up and give you the safety speech. If you know you’re going to be late please call (do not email) with as much notice as possible. We reserve the right to start the tour without you if you are not on time, with no guarantee of getting you in a later time that day. Being late is the equivalent of a “no show” and will be charged for the full price of the tour. Please note that arriving later than 20 minutes prior to your tour time is considered late, as stated in the zipline confirmation email.

21. Who takes us on tour?

Each zipline tour will be accompanied by 2 tour guides. Our tour guides have gone through extensive training and offer excellent customer service to all guests. There will always be a tour guide there to help at the landing side and another tour guide to secure all equipment to the zipline and explain the zipline before sending you over to the other side. You will not have to do anything but sit back and enjoy the ride! If you have any questions throughout your tour, do not hesitate to ask your tour guides. That is what they are there for.

22. What is the weight limit?

The weight limit is 250lbs. There is also a waist restriction of 42 inch waist. The High Flyer requires a minimum weight of 100 pounds

23. What if I need to cancel my tour?

You have up until 7 days prior to the day of your tour to cancel your tour without penalty. For example, if you’re booked on a Saturday, you will need to cancel by midnight on the previous Saturday. You may cancel your tour by responding to your confirmation email. If you are cancelling within the 7 day window, this will result in a charge for each participant that does not arrive for your tour. Our cancellation policy is in place because we hold the tour time for your group and often turn away other customers for that time. Please refer to our cancellation policy for more details on our policy.

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