What to expect on your tour

Our experienced guides will outfit you with a safety harness, helmet and gloves. Then training for the adventure will include some "how to" information plus a safety briefing. Our guides will teach you how to apply your brake if you want to slow down while zipping on a cable and also some hand signals you will need to know to safely zip. After you learn the basics and watch a demonstration, you will start your adventure on the Voyager cable- approximately 150 feet long, 15 feet high. One guide will always be catching riders at the landing platform and one guide will be hooking the rider onto the cable, explaining what to do and sending the rider.

After arriving at the first platform, you will be clipped to the safety strap then unclipped from the cable. All riders are securely attached at all times. When everyone in the group has arrived at the first platform the adventure continues. “The Easy Rider Tour” zips four cables for a combined distance of over 1000 feet. “The High Flyer Tour” zips ten cables for a combined distance over a mile. If your group has riders in both tours, you will be zipping together for the first three lines and then parting ways as The Easy Rider Tour finishes and The High Flyer tour continues for another 4000 feet of cables onto the biggest, highest, fastest and most exhilarating cables. The High Flyer Tour features our Super Zip that is over 1200 feet long and 225 feet high!

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